Rob peers dating

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Rob peers dating

Half-Ear is a large black man with a Southern accent and a hearing aid. Riding shotgun is HALF-EAR, 35, immersed in a book: Albert Einstein Creator & Rebel. Half-Ear grabs onto the bottom rung of a ladder that is bolted to the side of the ship as it launches off the dock and into deeper water. The ship's propellers speed by just above his head. And I'm going to live my life one very rich day at a time. They laugh and pound their fists against the roof of the Humvee. As Bridger lights it for him -- JOHN BRIDGER You planned this one down to a t, kid. You saw the big picture, made contingencies, covered the angles... JOHN BRIDGER Shit, you made thirty million dollars in gold drop out of sight without holding a gun. STELLA'S CONDO - PHILADELPHIA - INTERCUT STELLA BRIDGER, 27, crushingly attractive, has just stepped out of the shower, hair still wet, body wrapped in a towel. STELLA (toweling her hair) Why not bring it by yourself? He leaves the store and heads for the HOTEL ELEVATOR.

CUT TO: TWO BRIGHT CIRCLES IN A SEA OF DARKNESS Coming closer... It's Charlie and John Bridger, in scuba gear, riding torpedo-shaped Dive Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs) that pull them through the deep blue sea at a good 5 m.p.h. A Global Satellite Positioning Device is mounted on the handlebar of Charlie's DPV, being fed information via Lyle's laptop. JOHN BRIDGER You know what fine, stands for, don't you? CHARLIE You've become quite the philosopher since you quit drinking. Bridger pulls out a fine cigar, still in its wrapper, hands it to Charlie. Watch carefully now, because as he does this, he hits a power button on a small HOMING DEVICE and stuffs it in with the tomatoes... HOTEL ROOM - SAME TIME On Lyle's computer screen, a pulsating dot appears, BEEPING, sending out precise longitude and latitude. Lyle, in the back, is still on the laptop, legs fidgeting like a drummer on meth.

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Handsome Rob is still behind the wheel but now Steve is in the passenger seat.

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